1 - Spreading innovative scientific research, prepared by the university professors and researchers in various scientific fields, which are directly related to the different fields of human knowledge.

2 - Provide an opportunity for the scientific evaluation of research by subjecting the view of scientific research, which takes upon itself the scientific assessment and methodology in scientific research.

3 - To consolidate the scientific and intellectual links between, and the the universities and research centers and specialized agencies to the humanitarian aspects, and the exchange of scientific publications between universities.

4 - to address humanitarian issues in the context of contemporary scientific research, and employment in the service of humanity, and serve the fundamental issues that the Academy was established for it.

5 - Monitoring and following the directions of scientific research, by standing on the scientific results of research produced by all educational institutions and research centers.

6 - Confirm the diversity and openness and systematic discipline, and take advantage of all data thought proper, and contribute to the knowledge of the industry while maintaining the constants.