Publication Guidelines

The journal publishes scientific research in both Arabic and English. The publication rules are as follows:

1-       The manuscript must be an original piece that has not been published previously in any form. Additionally, it should not be in the process of being considered for publication by any other journal or conference at the same time. Authors are requested to sign a form indicating his or her agreement of these requirements. Anyone who violates these requirements will be subject to punishment to the full extent of the law.


2-       The article should be saved in Word or in a Word-compatible format. Text should be single-spaced and written in 14-point Simplified Arabic font. Headings and subheadings should be bolded. All margins should be 3 centimeters.


3-       Forms, tables, and images should be presented within the body of the article immediately after they are referenced in the text.


4-       The maximum length of the document is 25 pages, including forms, images, tables and references. The final hard copy manuscript should be sent to the editor-in-chief of the editorial board of the journal or to the President of the Academy.


5-       The following search terms should be defined: Manuscript title; the researcher’s name, position, and scientific rank; a summary that includes an introduction to the study; the importance of research and its objectives; the research methods; results; and discussion, including conclusions and recommendations; and references.


6-       If the researcher used a questionnaire or other instruments or tools for data collection, the researcher must submit a complete copy of the tool if it has not already been received by the Academy.


7-       The manuscript must include an abstract that summarizes the research. The abstract should be limited to 150 to 200 words and should be in Arabic, or English.


8-       The summary page for the manuscript should present the manuscript title along with the researcher’s name, address, position, and organizational affiliation.


9-       The search terms for the manuscript should be present in Arabic and in English or French on the first page. Thereafter, the search terms may be typed in Arabic.


10-    Tables and figures must be sequentially numbered, referenced in the text by number, and presented immediately after the paragraph that references them. Figure captions should appear immediately below the figure. Table captions should appear immediately above the table.


11-    References should be numbered and listed at the end of the manuscript. If references are cited in the text using sequential numbers, the reference list should be presented in the order in which the references are cited. If the in-text citations are presented as the author name(s) and year of publication, the reference list should be presented in alphabetical order by the author’s (or first author’s) last name. Footnotes should be placed at the bottom of the page on which they appear.